WHEN: On weekends

HOW LONG: 2 hours

WHERE: At Monastiraki square (see map)

WHAT TIME: 10:00 in the morning

What we do

In our interactive seminars we discuss about history, politics, philosophy and how the birth of the Athenian Democracy influenced the creation of the first modern republics like the United States, France or Britain. 
Our discussions take place during an orientation walk of the city of Athens. We learn our lessons from History, thus becoming ourselves better citizens, while at the same time we get to know Athens and also get a general overview of the ancient Graeco-Roman world: the cradle of Western Civilisation.

For those about to walk...

Join my seminar next time you visit Athens!

Just send us a message and we'll be right back to you with more details about

the time & place we're all going to meet for our next walk. Cheers.

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