The one-of-a-kind walking seminar on History, Politics and Philosophy

A modern day Peripatetic School: following the footsteps of Aristotle, we walk through exciting parts of Athens and we discuss about the origins of Democracy, discovering ways to improve our modern republics ourselves, today.


Classical Athens saw the rise of an achievement unparalleled in history.
The Athenian democracy had been created on a trust that the average man could be depended upon to do right for his community.
Of the many gifts passed down to us by the Athenians, including philosophy, theatre, painting, sculpture, and architecture, none is more significant than their chosen form of government: democracy, rule by the people. 
Indeed, it can be convincingly argued that all the other achievements depended first on how the city was governed, on the open and free society that respected the dignity, rights, and aspirations of the individual.


Why even bother discussing about history or politics?


The architects of the first modern republics, post-revolutionary France and the United States, claimed a line of descent from Athens and the ancient greek 'demokratia'. Democracy - 'government of the people by the people for the people', as Lincoln famously defined it.

Since this system of government comes as a natural choice for most nations across the globe today, it's easy to understand that whenever we face any problems, we need to ask the experts, those that invented democracy: the Athenians.


The podium where speakers used to stand on Pnyx

The podium where speakers used to stand on Pnyx