Origins of Democracy

Origins of Democracy is an educational project that examines the birth of democracy in ancient Athens, the impact that these ideas had on the emergence of modern republics, and, most importantly, the lessons we can learn to improve our societies today through civic participation and education.

The ancient Athenians established a political system formed on a belief that every individual could be relied on to do what was best for his society. They labelled their new form of government demokratia, from the Greek words ‘demos’ (the body of citizens) and ‘kratos’ (power/rule/authority).


Democracy, in various incarnations, has expanded around the world. Nonetheless, all democratic countries face a host of challenges today. Democracy is under pressure. What can we do to improve our societies?

Today democracy is under pressure all over the world. From Europe to Argentina, From the US to India. People around the world are more dissatisfied than satisfied with the way democracy works in their own countries. The average person believes that elected officials don’t care what people like them think and question the fact that the state is run for the benefit of all.

Corruption, inequality, and injustice threaten the stability of democratic countries. But as Winston Churchill famously said: “democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…”

The success of democracy and of our republics is ultimately dependent on us: On you and me.

Change is only achievable via our engagement and concern for everyday issues.

Only we can protect democracy.

We, the people.

Our Team


Constantine has Greek and French heritage and has spent 20 years in academia. He is passionate about human rights and volunteers with NGOs to promote equality.

Constantine is skilled at bridging divides and enjoys working in diverse environments. He consults for top-tier companies and has two decades of experience in the travel industry. His global outlook is fueled by his multilingualism, but he is particularly passionate about education.

Constantine envisions a world where knowledge empowers all, regardless of background, and works tirelessly to make that dream a reality.


Born in Athens, Greece, George has studied Ancient History and Archaeology in Britain and in Greece. For over 15 years, George has served as an Educational Tourism Expert, partnering with schools and universities across the US and Europe. Reaching a wider audience through television appearances, he has participated in specials on DW, TF1, Channel 5, and other channels.

George’s lectures explore historical subjects with clarity and enthusiasm, sparking critical thinking and meaningful discussions on history, philosophy, and politics.

George’s primary focus lies in the history of ancient Athenian Democracy and its enduring influence on modern-day republics. George supports the right to education for all, an essential component of any true democracy.

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